Friday, September 11, 2009

Rape: Deaf vs. Blind

Rape is a common thing that we all have to deal with in everyday life, like making a sandwich, watering flowers, or turning those shit-stained boxers inside out when you wash them. There's a good chance (if you're a girl or a little boy) that you will get raped at one point, if you haven't been already. Wolves like to pick off the smallest and weakest members of the pack, and this goes for humans, as well. If someone has to be raped, who should it be? The deaf or the blind?

Fisty Fillmore's Take:

Hands down, deaf people are the better of the two to rape. If you're raping a girl, what does she do? She cries and screams for help. Well, if she's deaf she'll be whining, but she won't be calling out for someone to save her ass. She'll squawk something that sounds like a seal with his slippery little cock slammed in a door. This will be annoying, of course, but no one will care. People will probably just think that some retard sprained her ankle. Thus, nobody will come to help her, and the neighbors will be pissed off at all the ruckus. Plus, I don't have to stuff a sock in her mouth, which is one less thing I have to bring along in my rape tool kit, which includes the following:

1. My penis

You don't have to go all out with supplies when you go out and rape a deaf girl. Just bring the bare essentials.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying rape is right. Okay, maybe I am. So if it must be done, do you want to get caught? Fuck no! That's why a deaf person is the preferred choice by many a rapist. You can sneak up behind them and they won't hear you. You'll be donkey punching her in her assisted living home and you can grunt and tell her all your secrets, “My name is Frank Smith, I live on 234 South Main Street. I enjoy cooking waffles in my sister's panties while I touch myself!” And you know what she'll do about it? Nothing. She can't hear shit, so there's no way that she'll be able to point you out if she hears your voice at the super market while you're buying lube and pineapples.

A lot of deaf people have a certain type of hearing aid which is basically a magnet that sticks to their skull. I'm not sure how this works, but I'm guessing that they have a magnet inserted into their scalp...or their skull is magnetic. I don't know the mechanics of it, but how awesome would it be to stick refrigerator magnets on them? Remember as a kid when you had the alphabet magnets on your fridge? While your mom was on the crapper, you would spell out your name, or something like "BITCH GET OFF THE SHITTER AND MAKE SOME DINNER BEFORE DAD BEATS YOU AGAIN". Oh, how awesome it was being a kid. Now take that awesomeness and apply it to nailing a deaf chick. She'll be walking around the next day like a penguin with "PENIS BLANKETS" spelled out on the side of her head with colorful magnets, alongside a magnet from the pizza place down the road.

I'm a man who likes to laugh. Nothing makes my nipples harder than a good joke. Think about this one, is there anything more funny than raping a deaf chick? I doubt it. Well, possibly raping a deaf chick while she screams in sign language. But putting some mittens on her should shut her right up.

Glen Cocoa's Take:
You can take the deaf ones out. That's fine because I'll be going after the blind ones. Blind girls are easily picked off from the pack. In fact, they pick themselves off. When the broad can't see the road signs, she can easily wander into traffic. Better yet, she can unknowingly wander into a rat maze of fake walls leading right into my van. She's like a sexy, mismatched rat in a maze...who is about to get raped.

Many girls contend that when a guy has sex with them when they're drunk that it's rape, when in reality, it's not, because they didn't actually say "no". At least when I'm raping a blind girl, it's rape rape. A deaf girl can't say no, so it's not actually rape. A blind girl hollers for you to stop, and screams out in pain and agony. If I'm going to rape someone, I'm going to make sure it's actually rape. If you're going to do something, do it right.

And what's cool about blind girls is that they usually wear those sunglasses to cover up their weird eyes. So even when she's crying for help, she'll look sleek and hip while she's doing it. You can take a blind girl anywhere to do the deed, and once it's over and someone finds her meandering around the streets, you'll be long gone. And since she's blind, she'll have no idea where you took her. She won't even know what kind of building it was in.

Why would you wanna rape a deaf girl anyways? She's not even really handicapped. Sure, she can't hear a train coming, but she's not really disabled. What kind of person would rape a girl who's not even disabled? That's just wrong. The whole point of rape is to dominate the girl, and how can you feel dominant if she's not screaming? I'd rather not go through all the trouble of raping someone if all the screaming that's going to go on is some deaf girl jibber-jabber. It'd be a hell of a lot easier just to throw my girlfriend facedown on the bed and put a picture of Portia de Rossi on her back while shoving her face into the pillow. The sounds would be the same.

Fisty's Retort:
Everyone knows that blind girls have a cat-like sense of hearing. Could this be detrimental to a budding rapist? Yes! She may not be able to see, but you'll be fucked when she hears you coming before you even decide to rape her. I don't know much about blind people other than what I've seen in movies, and let me tell you: they scare the hell out of me. I watched the movie Ray a little bit ago; it was a documentary about the blind pianist, Ray Charles. Ray Charles didn't use a cane or dog to navigate. His sense of hearing was so badass that he used fucking sonar! He was like a real life Dare Devil. He would listen to the way that his footsteps bounced off walls and other objects. If you run into a girl who's like that, she'll be able to hear you coming a mile away. She will know that you're coming and be prepared. Deaf girls, on the other hand, wouldn't have this advantage. If you sneak up behind them, they would neither see you, nor hear you.

Blind girls know that bad shit is going to happen. They're always on edge and overly cautious. They already can't see, and yet they still wear sunglasses. What good does that do? Are they afraid they might get even more blind? How is this bad for me? Think about it: you're going to rape a girl who takes too many precautions. She's lost the most important sense, so she has to make up for it in every way possible. She will be more aggressive whenever possible and use her other senses to the best of her ability. She knows that people are going to try to fuck with her. You'll be regretting it immediately once you make the wrong noise around her.

A deaf girl doesn't have a dog that I'll have to worry about immobilizing. And on top of that, blind people have canes as well. You sneak up behind a blind chick and SMACK! She'll whack you in the face like a fat Mexican kid whacking a pinata. So what will you get out of raping a blind chick? A dog biting your ass in half and a cane to the nuts. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun to me.

One last thing: blind chicks always have weird eyes. It's like they're both kind of off in their own little world. They either have that creepy white film over them, or one is usually looking up and to the right while the other is down and slightly to the left. It's a huge turn off, and I can't afford to lose my wood while I'm sticking it to any chick.

Cocoa's Retort:
Just because she's deaf doesn't mean that she's Helen Keller; she can still write, and she'll write out your description. A blind girl can't see you coming - she can't even see what you look like. Sure, she might be able to feel your face and give your description to the police, but if you're any kind of a decent rapist, you'll have her arms broken before she has a chance to do this. Deaf girls are always talking in sign language, which means that their hands are pretty fit. This can be detrimental to you because she will be able to get a mean grip on your face and gouge your eyes out. If you're trying to rape a deaf girl and a blind girl, the deaf girl will have the mace out and ready to fire while the blind girl will still be fumbling around in her purse for it.

And you're really worried about having to take a seeing eye dog out of commission? They're trained to stop for moving vehicles, not tear your arms off. Essentially, seeing eye dogs keep their blind person out of harm's way. Dogs fuck other dogs without consent all the time. So if the dog sees a rape, he'll probably just think that you got your dick stuck in the girl. He'll sit there patiently and wait for it to be over, then he'll drag the girl on home, and if he's a really good dog, he'll lick off her wounds.

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  1. Please imagine yourselves reading the above entry to your mother, sister, daughter, or a survivor of rape. You're not funny.

  2. you're boring, and so mainstream. your entry is in no way clever or transgressive. it's super sad that you think it might be interesting to make this post. hope you become a better person soon.

  3. That is very sick blog I ever see. You need to explore your own true inner soul.

    This blog needs to be removed so be it.

  4. This is a huge hate speech about Deaf and blind human being women, children, and girls. Sick mind of your own thinkings.

  5. I don't like your blog about the rape part. Your mind is sick and twisted. I am reporting your ass. I hope someone is raping your ass. I hope you understand how we, Deaf people, feel about your ill twisted blog.

  6. As a Deaf person myself, I agree with the above commenters that this post is offensive.

    Now, I am sure you are wondering why...when this post has been up for over a are just now getting some noise about it.

    That's because a Deaf Professional, who happens to be the director of an agency which provides services to Deaf individuals who have been raped or abused was doing some research...and your blog came up as a result of such.

    Can you imagine what this person had to think?

    She chose to share her thoughts with others.

    And as a are now learning what happens when you put up a blog of this sort that refers to Deaf individuals as free goods ripe for the picking - or the raping, as the case might be.

    I hope you are aware of the Matthew Shepherd Act, which expands on the 1969 federal hate-crime law. While you can argue "free speech" all you want, the fact remains that you are singling out specific groups of people and discussing potential crimes against individuals who are members of those groups... which both fall under the protected category of disability.

    What happens when someone reads this and thinks "hmmm...I'm going to give this a try?" Would you be held liable for encouraging such a crime? Is that a risk you want to take?

    Several people have already reported this blog to Blogger. I will be taking it a step further and asking a professional peer in law enforcement to take a look at it and refer it on to contacts of his who work on the federal level.

    This is not funny, guys.

    This is not merely about a group of Deaf people being pissed off.

    This is about taking a good hard look at the contents of your blog and what you are saying here. You're talking about criminal activity perpetuated by the victim's disability.

    That's not a laughing matter.

  7. You're not only offensive, but you are very wrong about Deaf and Blind women. In fact, you are wrong about women in general. You have no fucking idea how loud and powerful we are!

  8. Very wrong about Deaf and Blind women...we are going to hunt you down.

  9. Upon reading this, I became quite nauseous. This is not a cool thing to write about. This shows that you need help in sorting out your troubles you may have in your life which is affecting your mental state and writing this blog about raping deaf or blind women.
    You have no respect at all! This has been reported inappropriate.

  10. Wow! I'm deaf man myself after reading this. This really pisses me off and enough to beat ya up badly! You have no idea what and how they can be capable of. Don't forget that they do have other senses like smell, sight, hear, feel, and others in order to support finding a rapist like YOU. You are really sick individual thinking that it's easy to target deaf and/or blind female out there.

    Speaking of a magnet sticking on skull to hear something, that's cochlear implant (CI). You idiot! Plus, some deaf people have hearing aids that do not have magnets. Whenever they have something on CAN hear you from behind. I caught someone during high school after hearing him making noise behind my back and that idiot guy gulped in front of his group. Again, you're idiot.

    You shall be banned from the blog. It got to be reported as offensive.

  11. Sick. Absolutely Sick.

  12. the reson you have to rape women is because you have a dick the size of a stud field mouse... any true consent by a woman would quickly descend into laughter the minute they see your cock, you coward -- you asshole. I'm sure you take it up the ass too...

  13. Fuck you, asshole hearing blogger rapist. I'm a deaf guy with an enormous penis - how would you like it if I snuck up from behind you and hit you upside the head with a baseball bat, then tore your anus up with my elephant cock?

    Would you be able to scream, then? I can't hear you - but I sure as HELL can see you screaming and feel the vibrations of that on your hairy body as I do my dirty work.

    That'd be what I call JUSTICE, you sicko hearie. Again... FUCK YOU!

  14. I can't believe reading this shit. that sickens me! what kind of person are you, would write something against women. it's called discrimination! You shoud be fired for this!!!! youre damn sicko!! youre damn digusting asshole!!! you ought be rot in hell for all I care about. * wink*

  15. Uhmm, find something better to do with your own time than talk shyt about deaf and blind. How would you like it if someone narrowed a crime of hate and rape to your profile, to your race?? Fucking idiots need to stop drinking so much, it's a lil funny but to a certain point, it is wayyy too much and not funny. Find a better way to pass ur time, assholes.

  16. YOu have no idea how these individuals would read this and says oh my god! You are one sick pervert and a Satan follower, why robbed the good stuff from these people just that you can have the pleasure yourself? Why are you doing this? I am a deaf woman and you think you can take advantage of these inncont individuals,

    You are going to be reported to the police about this and the police will go after you and put in jail for life for perpretating these individuals that are deaf and blind. You are committing a crime agaisnt the Law and against God. God is watching you and you better watch out. I agree with all above with others. this is totally nausance and I dont like it.

  17. What a sad excuse for a human being. You have to know that you have a serious problem and need help. Do you not realize that you are going to destroy your life. There is help available for the problem you have and I would suggest you get it. You may have already gone too far. The BTK killer was like you in that he thought he was not going to get caught but had this same compulsion to write about his crimes. You are in that same category. Your family, friends and work associates will all know this is you. I'm sure Blogger has already alerted the authorities about this. That would be why they are leaving you up when it is obvious you have been reported and no one will be in the least sympathetic to you when you are arrested. What do you think the first thing that will happen to you will be when you hit the jail? This can only end badly for you and everyone will think it is exactly what you deserve. It is truely sad to watch a person destroy their life as you are doing but you must be stopped from hurting others. That is all that makes our society possible. People like you have to be locked up and removed from the rest of the population. Again, I urge you to seek help. This may turn out to be the best day of your life beccause you will be forced into another kind of existance. You are in so much trouble and don't even know it yet. There will be a knock on your door soon. What is best for society will be the best for you, too although you won't feel like it is. This is just too sad.

  18. OMG, that's my post above. Do all of you realize that one of his only two friends actually has his full name posted? Won't be too hard to find him. He's probably the other one who is so sick. These guys are not bright! Check this out. LOL

  19. I am not sure what is your intention of writing this blog. However, I assume you must be miserable guys (in mental treatment) with smallest dick that could never find right hole to enter, and every fuck you had with hearing female laughed at you (And it is still happening). I am curious if one or two asked, "Where's your dick?" Do us a favor, please fuck with each other only.

  20. As a deaf person, I think this is a funny satire. I especially liked:

    "She's [the deaf person's] not even really handicapped. Sure, she can't hear a train coming, but she's not really disabled."

    It's true! The only thing we can't do is hear.

  21. Sleep with one eye open. Just pray i don't find out who you are really or where you live. Deaf people are good for many things.

    Now because of you, I shall carry a knife. I SURELY HOPE you TRY to rape me, because I will gut you like a pig and even laugh like hyena in your face as you attempt to scream but can't becaue your lungs would be filled with blood. THEN i will process to cut off your dick while you still have your sense of touch so you can feel every moment of pain. Then I will rape you with your own cock. then stick the dirty cock in your mouth. Don't mess with us.

  22. I really hope that this was meant to be sarcastic. Regardless, you're an idiot.

  23. I am curious how serious the writer was when writing this blog because we should not assume when people write or say something that they mean what they say. Although what was obviously thought-through blog which was distasteful to the communities of the deaf and the blind,the real question to the writer here is : can you own up to this when someone picks this up and start doing the rapes targeting the deaf and the blind?

  24. you are one Absolutely Sick douche bag. I myself am male, hard of hearing/deaf(one hearing aid and cochlear implant)and blind with use of a cane when needed. If you come up behind me, I'll rape your ass with my cane, take you fishing and make great shark chum out of you.

    1. This is beautiful. Please do it.

  25. I'm going to come over your house and slash your throat, how would you like that? U'd be able to hear yourself die slowly

  26. Sound alike this person make a idea for people to do " why Not " deaf people are not think about that mean u want to .... that is digust , U make me sick , which this person are Sicko and Offensive someday u caught by P.I., police,or hidden camera see it .... u are going jail for 15 years or more

  27. Reading this made me so upset. You really need to do more research and understand the impacts of your words and how rape has destroy lives. This was not funny, cute, or interesting. Its because of people like you that so many people in the world feel degraded oppressed and powerless. Serious, take some lessons, go spend some time in an anti-violence shelter and speak to individuals who have a disability and change how you think and the way of expressing your self. Hate speech is not tolerated.

  28. I just need to say FUCK YOU. How DARE you post something as horrible as this! Rape is NOT funny, it is NOT cool and it most certainly is NOT something to be so nonchalantly posting on the internet. Fuck you and your creepy mind. I hope you become deaf, lose your hearing and your eyesight in some tragic accident so that someone can take advantage of your lack of senses. ASSHOLES